More Parents Are Being Targeted for the College Admissions Scandal

Stanford University

Yusi Zhao is a mother of a former Stanford student, who paid William "Rick" Singer $6.5 million.

Rick Singer has already plead guilty to essentially masterminding the entire college admissions scandal that was revealed earlier this year.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Zhao and a couple other parents, have received a target letter by prosecutors involved in the case.

What is a target letter?

It tells potential suspects that they are being targeted by prosecution. Evidence is being reviewed that may indict them. It doesn't inherently mean someone is guilty or will be indicted, but it does offer the chance for someone to give their side of the story.

A lawyer for Zhao has stated that Zhao gave the $6.5 million to Singer, not because she wanted her child to get into Stanford, but because she thought Singer was doing charitable good. She thought the money would be helping less-fortunate children.

Singer was able to get Zhao into Stanford by creating a fake profile of her as a competitive sailor.

Another target letter was sent to Agustin Huneeus Jr. who has already plead guilty to fraud conspiracy. Huneeus' daughter was accepted into USC based on this payment.

Huneeus not only paid Singer $50,000 but also paid $250,000 to have his daughter's face photoshopped into an athletic team's photo.


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