Ex-USC Administrator Involved In College Scheme Now Driving For Lyft

CBS LA Investigative Reporter David Goldstein joined the show yesterday to preview his new story on one of the ringleaders in the college admissions scandal.

The segment, which aired Thursday night, follows Goldstein as he tracked down and confronted former USC Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel, who is accused of taking more than $1.3 million in bribes to get 24 non-athletes admitted to USC as athletic recruits.

After being questioned for her alleged behavior, Heinel simply replied, "no comment."

Heinel was fired from USC on March 12 and as Goldstein discovers, she is now working as a Lyft driver.

The same day she was fired, the FBI charged Heinel and 49 others in the college admissions scheme.

Heinel has pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit racketeering.

Check out more at CBS LA.

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