Update: One Puppy Dead After Being Thrown Into Coachella Dumpster

You've (unfortunately) probably heard of the seven terrier mix puppies that were thrown into a dumpster behind a Coachella business last week. Today, it was announced by officials that one of the puppies had died.

"She said the little one might have been on the bottom of the bag when the woman dumped the puppies into a trash bin and, possibly, just never recovered from that traumatic moment," John Welsh, a spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animals Services said. "The good news is that the remaining six puppies are appearing to thrive." 

The puppies, only a few days old, were rescued from a dumpster on April 18. On Monday, Deborah Sue Culwell was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. According to police, she posted her $10,000 bond the next day and was released from jail.

The dogs are all currently under veterinary care at the county's Coachella Valley Animal Campus.

"All 38 received thorough examinations by one of our staff veterinarians, and no serious ailments were reported," Welsh said.

Read more on NBC 4.

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