The Tidy Mouse

The next time you see a mouse in your house or shed, chill out and don't call the exterminator or set up traps right away because they might just be there to help you.

I'm not sure how I missed this video back in March, but it's so adorable you need to check it out!

British homeowner Stephen Mckears noticed that things like screws, bolts and other hardware that he had left out on his workbench when he was done for the night, were not in the same place in the morning. Instead of being on the bench, they were in a plastic bucket where he usually kept a handful of peanuts to feed birds.

At first, he chalked it up to old age (he's 72) and forgetting he was cleaning up a bit, so he decided to conduct an experiment.

Each night, he would empty the bucket out on to the workbench.

Each morning, the items were in the bucket!

So he decided to get to the bottom of it. He asked his neighbor to help him out and they set up a small camera to see exactly what was going on.

What they caught, is simply adorable. A little mouse appears, and begins his nightly task of picking up items and putting them in the bucket. He tries to clean up everything, but clearly some items are a little too large for him to lift into the bucket, but still, what a helpful little guy!

This video led me to search for videos of other helpful animals.

We all know dogs can be VERY helpful!

And this cat is helping his owner de-clutter their home of things that aren't 'sparking joy.'

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