L.A. City Hall Employee Who Contracted Typhus Files $5 Million Claim

The Los Angeles city attorney who says the City Hall rat infestation caused her to contract typhus has filed a $5-million legal claim.

The claim, filed by Deputy City Atty. Elizabeth Greenwood, states Mayor Eric Garcetti and other elected officials allowed trash left by the homeless outside her office to become a public health problem.

Rats and fleas thrived in the dirty environment where Greenwood worked in City Hall East. She went on sick leave in October and was diagnosed with typhus in November.

“The rotting trash and the raw sewage is the soup that grows typhus,” Greenwood said.

A Garcetti spokesman reportedly had 'no comment' on the case and LA City Attorney Mike Feuer spokesman Rob Wilcox wrote in an email, “The facts are that there was vigorous testing in City Hall and surrounding buildings and not one flea was found.” “And there have been no other claims of typhus alleged by city employees. City leaders remain committed to our employees' health and safety.”

Elizabeth Greenwood will join the show at 5:00 p.m.

Photo: Getty Images

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