Britney Spears Fans Protest Stars Release From Mental Health Facility

Britney Spears fans have had enough following her recent "check-in" at a mental health facility. Theories speculate that the pop star is being held against her will at the UCLA mental health center. Fans are now hitting the pavement in West Hollywood, CA to protest with "Free Britney" signs and a matching viral hashtag. "She needs to be freed she's not a cash cow. She is a human...she's in very dangerous hands and she needs to be freed," said one protester on a YouTube live.

"It's not normal that at 37 (years old) you can't have a cellphone."

Fans also claimed that the star has dropped random hints in her songs that have not been released asking for freedom.

Earlier this year, Britney allegedly checked herself into a facility following her fathers failing health. The news came after it was announced that Spears would be cancelling her Las Vegas residency to care for her father, who suffered colon and intestinal problems.

Back in 2007, Britney suffered a public mental breakdown leading to her father becoming her conservator. Many have speculated that there is no way that Spears could have checked herself into the facility considering she has little control over her own actions, allegedly. Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, has also indirectly added to the controversy after fans saw online that she had liked a few Instagram post with the hashtag "Free Britney."

A twitter account under the name @BrltneySWorid sent out a message with a call to action for fans to wake up and protest.

"I Can't believe that some fans are still saying that this is all fake, while Britney's MOTHER is literally giving us signs non-stop that all of this is true. Adam Leber didn't say much but he didn't deny the story either... Lou Taylor is blocking everything on her social media... Like what else do you need ?

It's not about her taking of not taking her medications!!!!! She stopped taking them because tht was the only way for her to rebel and protest. The only way for her to get free. If she needs to take them she will, BUT the conservatorship needs to END NOW ! This would have never happen if Britney was a 37 yo MAN."

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