Human Fetuses Found at Harbor-Area Treatment Plant

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A pair of human fetuses -- the remains of unborn twins -- were found today at a wastewater-treatment plant near San Diego Bay.

The developmental stage of the fetuses discovered at the utility facility on Harbor Drive, how they got there and the identity of the mother were unknown, according to San Diego police officials, who assigned homicide detectives to investigate due to the nature of the case.

``The investigation is in the very early stages at this time, and the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of the fetuses are unknown,'' Lt. Matt Dobbs said this afternoon. ``Of primary concern at this time is the welfare of the mother. The investigators are concerned the mother may have experienced some type of medical distress during the birthing process.''

The county Medical Examiner's Office will seek to determine the age of the fetuses and how they died.

Dobbs described the case as unusual.

``Incidents like these are thankfully rare, but nonetheless tragic for everyone involved,'' he said. ``The San Diego Police Department would like to remind everyone of the safe-surrender law, which allows for the anonymous surrender of a newborn to any emergency room or fire station to avoid babies from being hurt or killed due to abandonment.''

Information about the state statute can be found on the city of San Diego website.

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