Conway's Gas Pump Hack! Save Money at the Pump!

Save Money at the Gas Pump

  1. Use Uncle T-Bones Gas Pump Hack
  2. Use technology to save money
  3. Use the best gas rewards credit cards - like buying gift cards at Ralphs and using a credit card to purchase them.
  4. Maintain your car properly
  5. Gas buddy lists all the lowest prices of gas
  6. Consider a more efficient vehicle
  7. Plan your trips efficiently
  8. Use an investing strategy to hedge against gasoline price increases.

Here is the Uncle T-Bones Breakdown

  1. Buy $200 worth of Arco Gas gift cards at Ralphs
  2. Buy the gift cards using a credit card - like an American Express you get 6% back on the card purchase. American Express preferred credit card which gives 6% on ALL purchases at grocery stores, including gift cards. They don’t differentiate between food and non-food items.
  3. Go to Shell station save a $1.00, then use your gift cards and save the .35 cents for not using a credit card.
  4. Brilliant!
  5. Listen to Conway show 6-10P Monday -Friday then podcast Conway on Demand on iHeart! No Savings, just fun and informative!

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