Two Dogs Bitten by Rattlesnake at Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Two dogs wondered away and were bitten in the nose.

The husky died at the dog park and the other was rushed to a pet hospital in West Hollywood.

Lily, a 7-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, was with a dog walker. When the dog walker saw what happened, she took the dog to one hospital where the dog got one dose of anti-venom. Lily's owner then arrived and rushed her to a second hospital where she got two more doses.

The vet who treated Lily said she is in stable condition.

Since it's getting hotter and snakes are coming out more often, he advises people to keep their pets away from the hill areas that may have snakes, such as hiking trails.

If your pet is bitten, he said the time frame for them to get the anti-venom dosage is about four hours.

Since the incident, the dog park has posted signs and a barrier that warns people that there may be snakes in the area.

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