"Be My Match" For This Sweet Chicago Boy With A Rare Blood Disorder

Alfredo Diaz, a sweet 6 year old from Chicago, is in need of a blood stem cell donor to help cure him from his life-threatening blood disorder.

For the first three years of his life, he was forced to spend his time in and out of the hospitals.

He was finally diagnosed with IL-10 Reception Deficiency, a disorder so rare that there are only 34 cases in the world.

His parents are now starting a campaign in order to help Alfredo find his match.

"I'm here to bring my case because Alfredo is a baby that deserves to live. He has a bright future for him and he deserves to find a match. Please touch your heart and help us find a donor for him," said Alfredo's mother, Natalia Diaz.

This little boy only has a 46-percent chance of finding a match on the registry because of lack of diversity in donors. If you want to help, please visit http://join.bethematch.org/Alfredo.

"Be My Match" is his only chance.

Let's help spread the word and find Alfredo a match.

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