#MugshotOfTheDay: 3 Words For You - Public. Group. Shower.

Jeniyah McLeod, Cecilia Eunique Young, Oasis Shakira McLeod - Florida Highway Patrol

(Jeniyah McLeod, Cecilia Eunique Young, Oasis Shakira McLeod - Florida Highway Patrol)

Ok, soooooo question...

I totally understand how you could finish up a shower only to find out that you forgot to bring a towel.

I also get that some people take showers at rest stops.

I can even comprehend the fact that some people are comfortable enough to shower communally. (It may not be my thing, but I know it's the norm when it comes to a lot of sports teams, group camps, etc.)


I do not get the desire to shower communally. Out in the open. At a public facility. With people all around. WITHOUT A TOWEL!

It turns out that those people do exist.

And, wouldn't you know it, they hang out in Florida.

Enter Jeniyah McLeod, Cecilia Eunique Young, and Oasis Shakira McLeod.

These three young ladies, all of whom are 18 or 19 years old, found themselves in a bit of a pickle after they chose to take a group shower on the lawn of a rest area on Interstate 75 in Florida.

(Now, I feel like I should clarify when I say "shower."

I mean a shower.

Not a rinse off.

Not a wiping down of their hot spots.

Not a I'm-gonna-keep-my-bathing-suit-on-while-I-rinse-off-at-the-beach.

I mean a full-on, three person, naked shower.)

Understandably, people called the police.

And,predictably, the three women did not go easy.

By the time a trooper caught up with them, they had made their way down the highway, put some clothes on, and went to a convenience store. When the trooper approached them to make an arrest, one the ladies tried to hit the him with their car. Another lady then got out of the car with a bat, leading another cop to ram their car.

That is what started a pursuit that ended with a beautiful PIT maneuver.

But, the women weren't done there.

The three refused to exit the car, linking their arms together, so the troopers tasered them before arresting them.

According to The Smoking Gun, they were all charged with fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, indecent exposure, and marijuana possession. The driver was also charged with DUI.

Oh, so I'm guessing you're still wondering why they were just hanging out in the nude.

They were "air-drying."

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