Gavin Newsom Reflects On First 100 Days As California Governor In Interview

To mark his 100th day as governor, Gavin Newsom sat down with Capital Public Radio to talk about the wonderful changes he has implemented in California so far.

"I think at the end of the day the first hundred days have been shaped by two things: One is California is the most un-Trump state and the fact that we're now in 48 lawsuits with the Trump administration," Newsom told CapRadio's Ben Adler.

Newsom even had some words to say on President Trump's claims to release migrants in sanctuary cities, saying it is already happening.

“That’s what they’re doing,” Newsom said. “They’re sending folks to street corners and Greyhound bus stations in a sanctuary state, disproportionately in our state. Legal asylum seekers.”

The governor also says Trump is “intentionally making things worse” by pulling federal funding from the Central American countries where the migrants are leaving.

“That’s gonna increase the migrant crisis — his unwillingness to address the issue of due process and support the adjudication of claims at the border. His unwillingness to staff and fund those efforts exacerbates the issue,” Newsom said. “And in many ways, he’s inviting a crisis of his own making.”

He also touched on the PG&E conflicts and the state's lack of clean drinking water, saying there is 'Flint, Michigan's all over California.'

Listen to the full interview here.

Photo: Getty Images

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