Microblading Gone Really Bad!

This lovely woman has gone through a horrific ordeal all because she wanted fuller eyebrows.

Jami Ledbetter, 42 from Kansas City, Missouri was born without eyebrows. Her kids surprised her with a Groupon to have micro-blading done. Micro-blading is where they tattoo feather-like hairs to make it look like a real eyebrow.

Ledbetter was left with four eyebrows. Ledbetter said - "It just looked like I was really surprised,"

Ledbetter's confidence was shattered, even a man she had been dating broke up with her. This mistake wasn't something that could be covered by make-up.


Ledbetter found Kara Gutierrez, a licensed and insured tattoo artist, has specialized in permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal for four years.

Gutierrez was able to remove Ledbetter's brows with a product called LI-FT, a pigment lightening solution that's tattooed in the bad ink. A procedure that costs around $1,000 and has to be removed in eight-week intervals.

The woman that botched the micro-blading job is no longer in the business.

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