"Feisty" Baby Conner Beats The Odds!

Last July, Jamie Florio was in the 25th week of her pregnancy, when doctors realized something was wrong with her baby boy.

Despite the fact that she was trying her best to give the baby that she and her husband John named Connor everything he needed to thrive, he wasn't just wasn't getting enough nutrients.

So, they put her in the hospital to keep an eye on the baby's progress.

But after just a week, they realized they needed to do something drastic, Baby Connor had to come out....NOW, even though he was just 26 weeks old.

They did an emergency C-section and delivered Connor. Doctors said he was the smallest baby they had ever seen, the size of a 20-week-old fetus, nine inches long and just 11 ounces.

Picture that for a moment, a can of soda weighs more than that!

Doctors say it's very rare for a baby of that size to survive, so they warned his parents to prepare for the worst, or at best, a very hard road. BUT, they did have one big ray of hope, Connor was a very, very feisty baby.

John said that even though he could hold Connor in the palm of one hand, he and Jamie just knew things would be ok, telling The Washington Post, "he came out kicking and screaming and swinging his arms. We could see that he had some strength in him."

That feisty demeanor helped Connor through all his preemie issues in the nine months he spent in the hospital, five of those in the newborn intensive-care unit.

His parents made the most of every moment, dressing Connor up for holidays in clothes they found out Build-A-Bear, to the delight of the staff.

And it all paid off, because this week, Connor, now 11 pounds, (and still very feisty) went home with his parents.

Doctors say even though he's still smaller than your average 9-month-old and he'll still need to be on oxygen and a feeding tube for a little while, they expect he'll be weaned off both in the next few months and will ultimately thrive and be a healthy and strong.

John told The Washington Post, "My hope in the future is that he has a normal childhood....and of course, I can't wait to show all of his baby pictures someday to his prom date."

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