Brad Pitt Gets Cut Off During LA County Board Meeting

Brad Pitt is more than an actor.

He's also an activist who stands up in support of proposed improvements of the Los Angeles County Museum.

During a recent hearing at a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors hearing, Pitt had a whole speech prepared.

Like the great actor he is, he went all in on the speech perfectly.

Well, kind of perfectly.

He went over his allotted time and board member Janie Hahn was not having.

She asked Pitt to "Wrap it up".

"I see my time's expired, I could go on for another hour," Pitt said.

"It gives me great pain to say it but wrap it up Mr. Pitt! It kills me to say that, but wrap it up," Hahn said with a laugh.

The encounter was a little bit awkward but also a good laugh.

Apparently cut doesn't just last on the movie set for Pitt.

We appreciate his efforts in continuing to advocate for the board members, but next time please speak within the time limits.

Watch the clip above.

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