#MugshotOfTheDay: Florida Man Threatens County with Army of Turtles

Photo Credit: Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Have you ever had a pet turtle?

I used to have one. His name was "Lucky". He was a very good turtle and I loved him very much.

But I had no idea that I could have had an army of Luckys. I could have ruled the world with all of my turtles!

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah!

Fox 35 reports that Thomas Devaney Lane was arrested for disturbing the peace in Brevard County.

What exactly was he doing to disturb the peace?

He was going around calling himself "the saint" and said that he had a turtle army which would destroy them.

Several people called the police to report Lane.

Lane was walking around Brevard County and even entered the Indialantic Police Department and started to bang on the windows. He was able to leave before he was arrested but was intercepted at the parking lot of a local 7-11.

As he was resisting arrest, Lane decided to call 911 and told the operator that the cops should, "leave now or you will all be sorry you f----- with the saint".

Lane is being charged on two counts. The first is for "Resisting Officer without Violence". The second is for "Misuse 911 or E911 System".

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