Details on Kimberley Sue Endicott's Kidnapping in Uganda Revealed

Almost a week after armed gunmen abducted Kimberly Sue Endicott and her safari guide from Queen Elizabeth National Park, the pair were rescued after a ransom was paid.

Details of the horrible encounter and efforts to get the Costa Mesa tourist back are slowly being revealed. Four men were allegedly involved in the kidnapping and a fifth suspect is still on the run.

CBS News met with Endicott as she arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Uganda Monday, reporting that the "Ugandan safari adventure was always high on Endicott's bucket list, but she never imagined it would turn into such a nightmare."

Sources also told CBS that Endicott and her guide were forced to walk across the border from Uganda into the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they spent their frightening five days in captivity. The pair were forced to travel long distances on foot and slept out in the open bush at night on mattresses.

Police are in the process of interrogating the four suspects arrested in connection with the kidnapping. CBS News reports the suspects are believed to be illegal fish traders and ivory smugglers.

As many as 19 FBI agents from the U.S. provided surveillance equipment to Ugandan police which assisted in the hunt for the kidnappers.

The kidnappers "made almost nothing" from the ransom paid for Endicott's release despite their demand for half a million dollars, according to CBS News.

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