Congratulations to the Winner of the 2019 Baby Animal Bracket!

Two young skunks peer out of a basket du

Wow! What a season! Say hello to your 2019 #BabyAnimalBracket champion - The Baby Skunk!

In an absolutely dominating performance against the Baby Tapir, the Baby Skunks took the newbie down, winning with 78 to 22. The Baby Tapir, who made his first appearance in the bracket this year, says he has no regrets and is looking forward to next year and his chance to redeem himself.

"You know, it's a privilege just to make it to the Big Show," the Baby Tapir said. "We're new to this, so the whole experience, win or lose, has just been an absolute ball. We're looking forward to returning next year and showing exactly why we deserved to be here."

The Baby Skunks, who is known to be shy in most post-game interviews, was unusually verbose about their big win.

"Everyone told us this would be a rebuilding year," Baby Skunk told this reporter. "So, we decided to that we were going to come out this year looking to have fun and maybe show people we're more than just a stink sac. We know what people like."

When asked why they never changed up their photo during the competition, the Baby Skunk shrugged, looking modest. "You know, you go with the strategy that's working. The only thing that could beat us this year was us, so, we had to make sure we didn't second-guess ourselves while we were competing. We feel like it was a strategy that paid off in the end."

The strategy certainly worked. An avalanche of votes propelled the Baby Skunk into the win this year. We'll see if they can repeat their success again next year.

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for their help in providing some of our competitor's photos.

Photos: Getty Images

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