The Baby Animal Bracket Championship is Here! Vote Now!

When the 2019 Baby Animal Bracket kicked off, 32 of the cutest baby animals faced off in what promised to be the best competition yet! The competitors left everything they had out there and did whatever they needed for the votes.

Unfortunately, only one Baby Animal can be crowned the cutest.

  • Baby Skunks vs Baby Harp Seal: (56-44) - The Baby Skunks continued to dominate their competition in the Final Fur. The Baby Harp Seal put up a better fight than most, keeping the Baby Skunks to a 4 point lead through much of the weekend. However, the Harp Seal will be denied once again this year as the Baby Skunk moves on.
  • Baby Snow Owl vs Baby Tapir: (49-51) - This match-up between the Baby Snow Owl and Baby Tapir exceeded all expectation. Unfortunately for the Baby Snow Owl, the Baby Tapir managed to win its match in the Final Fur with a buzzer-beating last minute vote that put them over the top. It's the first championship game for the Baby Tapir, so it'll be interesting to see how it handles the pressure of the spotlight.

So, it's all come down to this: The Baby Skunk vs the Baby Tapir for the 2019 Baby Animal Bracket Championship. VOTE HERE for your favorites and take one last look at your competitors in the gallery below.

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for their help in providing some photos for our competitors.

Photos: Getty Images, L.A. Zoo, Unsplash

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