New South LA Center Will House Homeless and Their Pets

City leaders have been turning earth in South LA to get people into homes. City Councilman Marquise Harris-Dawson says his district is the latest to break ground on temporary housing for the homeless. The shelter will have 100 beds and kennels for pets.

It will specifically be utilized to help people out of encampments along the railroad tracks next to Slauson.

"This very shelter will allow us to go bring people off the railroad tracks and I'm sure you couldn't drive here without seeing the RV's," said the councilman.

Jezella Jackson, a woman who runs the bus lot across the street, told KFI News that she is hopefully an official presence will clean up some of the neighborhood problems. "Just the rudeness, the graffiti, the hassling of my bus drivers."

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is a firm advocate for providing homeless Angelenos with housing, showed support to Councilman Harris-Dawson today.

He tweeted out, "Joining @MHDCD8 to break ground on St. Andrews, 1st #ABridgeHome site in South L.A. Thanks to the Councilmember's leadership, this bridge housing site will reflect the spirit of this community & provide critical services & support that help unhoused Angelenos heal & start anew."

The South Los Angeles shelter will be the first in the area. It is expected to open in the summer. 

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