Mick Jagger on the mend, thanks to the TAVR procedure.

When the headlines read Mick Jagger, 75 postpones Rolling Stones concert tour for heart surgery - we all assumed major surgery, probably take a year or so to recover...not so much.

We talked to Dr. Ray Cascari who shed some light on this amazing procedure that takes only 20 minutes and is minimally invasive.

New TAVR technology uses a catheter to insert a new valve, which takes over the function of the damaged one. For patients who can’t withstand open heart surgery, TAVR provides a life-saving, minimally invasive alternative. TAVR is an important addition to the hospital’s Structural Heart Disease Program, and its technology is part of the hospital’s $50 million comprehensive campaign Innovating for a Healthier Community, combining advanced technology with key programs and services to enhance the health of Orange County.

TAVR 'transcatheter aortic valve replacement', it is also commonly referred to as TAVI, which stands for 'transcatheter aortic valve implantation'.

Dr. Ray Casciari, pulmonologist at St. Joseph in Orange was our guest tonight. St. Joseph does more of these TAVR procedure than any other hospital in Orange.

For more information on the TAVR Procedure Contact: Sue Henke 714-744-8796

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