And They Call It Puppy Love....

Ok, I'm just putting it out there right now, Jason Hardesty is the UPS driver you want delivering all your packages. He's young, he's handsome (check out that smile!) and the people on his route really love him saying he's a hardworking guy who never fails to bring a smile to their face.

Now, I only wish I lived in New Orleans, so he could deliver MY packages!

Jason's been at UPS for seven years, and a few years ago he was assigned to a new route that turned out to be a plethora of pups!

Seriously, Jason said that he saw so many cute dogs on his route, that he started asking their owners if he could take photos with him for his Instagram.

The owners were more happy to oblige, and it became such a thing that he started using the hashtag #PupsOfJay

Anyone else see that #PupsOfJay has something funny in it? Yes...UPS!

The posts have gotten so much attention because they're just adorable and with all the crappy news in the world, who wouldn't want to see a young, handsome, UPS guy smiling in a photo with some puppies?!

So, waste some time at work and check out some of his Instagram posts below and find all the #PupsOfJay pics HERE.

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