President Trump Is Considering A New 'Immigration Czar'

Photo: Getty Images

Just after the border crisis was described as 'beyond the breaking point', President Trump threatened to shut down the southern border if Mexico couldn't get the illegal immigration under control. Now, he's even considering adding a "border" or "immigration czar" member to the administration.

According to AP News, the new immigration czar would work on immigration policies within various federal agencies.

The President currently has at least two people in mind for the job, Kris Kobach and Ken Cuccinelli. Kobach served as the Kansas Secretary of State, and Cuccinelli was a former Virginia Attorney General. Both are conservatives that want to finally put an end to illegal immigration.

Trump has said multiple times that he will shutdown the southern border if he "has to", and keeps urging Mexico to end all illegal immigration into the United States.

Sources do not yet know if the new immigration position would be in the White House or within Homeland Security.

Read the full report on AP News.

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