Anti-Vegan Crashes Another Vegan Market While Eating Dead Animals

A YouTuber stirred up a bit of controversy at a Soho Vegan Market last week when he decided to eat a decapitated squirrel in front of the animal-loving crowd. This comes just one week after he went to a Vegfest in the UK and ate a pig's head.

He's known as 'Sv3ringe aka Goatis' on YouTube, and is a popular anti-vegan protester. Police believe he planned his protest specifically for the vegan market's crowd.

“We were unaware of the planned protest on Saturday, do not condone the actions of known anti-vegan YouTuber Sv3rige and are disappointed that it disrupted what is normally a vibrant and diverse weekly event," the Soho Vegan Market founders said.
“We would like to thank the police and others who reacted quickly to prevent any further disruption or upset to our patrons and stall holders and look forward to getting back to the normal Soho Vegan Market vibe next weekend.”

The protester said his main message for vegans is that "veganism is malnutrition," and added that he often is able to talk them out of their "religion" vegan diet.

“We try to talk to with the vegans and explain to them that there are over 15 nutrients that they can’t get from plants," he said. "There's no vitamins A, B6 (pyridoxal, pyridoxamine), B12, D, F, K2 in plants."

Read all about it on Fox News.

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