Deputy District Attorneys Release The 'Death Penalty Exhausted Appeals'

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys just released their first set of blogs focusing on California's murderers on death row. Recently, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a order to reprieve all 737 prisoners on death row. His plan is to suspend all executions as long as he is governor...

ADDA's main goal is to make sure that doesn't happen.

Michele Hanisee is the President of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys, and represents nearly 1,000 Deputy District Attorneys who work for the County of Los Angeles.

"The last impediment to executions is a federal stay that is now being challenged by several elected District Attorneys and victims," Hanisee wrote. "When that stay is lifted, at least 24 death row inmates will be eligible for execution with only the governor to prevent those executions from happening."

Some of those on death row in California include Mitchell Sims and Ricky Sanders. Sims was sentenced to death in 1987 for killing John Harrigan, and reportedly told police "I had to kill that boy." Sanders attempted to kill eleven people with shotguns inside a Bob's Big Boys in 1980.

"The only reason this brutal killer will not receive the death penalty the jury imposed, a verdict and penalty upheld by the courts, is because Gavin Newsom has decided he should not be executed," Hanisee wrote about Sanders.

She also added that if Newsom blocks these executions, it would be in direct violation of California voters, "who three times in the past seven years have made clear they support the death penalty."

Read the full report here.

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