Check Out Some Of TSA's Coolest & Craziest Finds!

My goodness, did they confiscate stuff from Aladdin or something???

Where do you get daggers like that nowadays?

I totally understand all the bottles of liquids. And I even get it with the sports equipment, because that doesn't really categorize as a weapon in your head when you're used to playing a game with it every Saturday.

But a sword?

How in the world could you possibly think it is ok to take a blade of any size on an airplane. (And I'm not talking about small pocketknives, because sometimes you just forget they're in your pocket.)

Sheath knives?

Daggers? (whether hidden in canes or not)


BB and pellet guns?


Let's use some common sense before we pack for our next flight, shall we?

(Also, maybe we give TSA a little bit of credit? Yes, I know they're rude and short most of the time, but I might be too if I had to deal with people that were dumb enough to think they could bring swords and fake guns on flights. Just a thought)

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