Documentary Filmmaker Takes On "Taboo" Subject

Filmmaker Ben Duffy takes on the subject of love and sexuality for those with disabilities in his new documentary, "Take a Look at This Heart." Just watching the trailer will probably make you tear up.

The documentary follows 17 people with disabilities, including professional athletes, world-record setters, singers, dancers, models, skateboarders and more as they share open and honest conversations about sex, romance, friendship and family.

“Even though one out of five people have some sort of disability, there are many misconceptions about what it means to be loved and to make love as or to a person with a disability,” says Duffy. “We wanted to take on a subject rarely represented in the media and often considered taboo.”

Duffy's first feature-length documentary, "We Are Skateboarders," has become the second most watched skateboarding doc on YouTube. He's based in Phoenix and made the trip to Los Angeles so he could talk to Dr. Wendy and get the word out about this fascinating, emotional, and very important film. We hope you support it.

See the trailer for "Take a Look at This Heart" BELOW!

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