This Video Will Give You All The Feels

Imagine you're walking around a Disney resort in Florida, when suddenly you hear such a beautiful singing voice, that you have to just stop and listen to the entire thing.

That's what happened to people milling about at The Grand Floridian at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Justin Gigliello was there with his family, and when his young daughter Lyla spotted a piano player, she went up to the man and asked if her dad could sing to something he played.

So, the piano player started playing 'Ave Maria,' and then the magic truly started.

Justin sang so beautifully and while he was singing, Lyla looks at her father with such adoration and love, she is SO PROUD of her dad.... it's a beautiful thing to witness.

The Facebook video has been viewed more than 600,000 times, and has been shared thousands of times all over social media. Local news featured the video in their broadcasts...and when you watch it, you'll know why people are describing it as "mesmerizing, amazing, and beautiful.'

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