USC Student Exposes Rick Singer in Wake of Scandal for Soliciting Her Mom

Now in the second week of the aftermath of the college admissions scandal, more families are being revealed and some are coming forward about their experiences with scheme mastermind Rick Singer.

One University of Southern California student told CBS News Singer solicited her mother as a client after a referral by a family friend.

The 21-year-old student said during her application process, her mother got a call from Singer asking about the young lady's grades.

"He asked her what my grades were. He asked what my ACT score was. She told him and he said, 'Oh, those aren't getting her into Ivy leagues,'" the student said. She said Singer told her mom he knew how to guarantee admission into Stanford. "He goes, 'Oh, well, you know, is she athletically involved in any way? Is she a star athlete? And my mom goes, 'Oh, this girl can't play anything. She's terrible at athletics,' and he kind of just said, 'Oh, it won't be a problem.'"

"She didn't think it was anything weird," the student added. "She just thought, 'Wow, this guy must be so good at his job that it doesn't matter that my daughter can't shoot a basketball.'"

The student's mother ultimately turned down the offer.

"Knowing everything I know now, I just think, thank God because that could've been me," the USC student said.

The student then brings up a good point about the societal pressures to get into a good university and the lengths people will go.

"I look back now and think of him as this slimy salesman who probably pitched the same thing to every naïve parent and kid," she said. "It just goes to show how easily people can be swindled into things and how our culture values getting into prestigious universities so highly that people are willing to do things like this."

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