Humpback whale feeding frenzy off San Diego's coast

They're back baby! Whale watching in San Diego! We are talking about 20 a day! How wonderful!

Domenic Biagini is a photographer for San Diego Whale Watch and he told 10 News-

“We’ve had a huge influx of humpback whales that have pretty much shown us all of their unique behaviors, lunge feeding, breaching, tail-throwing,”

The influx in whales is due to the massive amounts of bait, which includes one school of anchovies the size of a football field.

"Rarely do we see double-digit whales, some of these days we’ve seen over 20 whales all in one area feeding, and almost always when they’ve been feeding they’ve had thousands of common dolphins around them, sea lions nearing the hundreds.”

He says in recent years we’ve started seeing more humpback whales off Southern California’s coast.

You also see pods of 25 to 200 dolphins.


A megapod, or "superpod," refers to pods eclipsing 1,000 dolphins and may be seen once every other month.

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