Couple Eats at the Same Restaurant 6 Days a Week for 15 Years!

So I have been known to get on a food-jag...might have pizza 3-4 a week. I may rotate my 5 favorite meals. You find something you like you tend to stick with it -

I've even been known to frequent the same restaurant a couple times a week. Not bragging...I've made a few bucks.


Meet Ron and Diane Watson of Kansas. They eat the EXACT same meal, at the EXACT same restaurant, six days a week! For 15 years, not days - YEARS!


Can't wait to hear what this meal is - it must be amazing. And, by the way that is not healthy. Experts say the more variety, the more colors in your diet is most nutritious.


  • The Watson’s have been dining at their local Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Wichita… 6 days a week… for the last 15 years… in the same exact booth… with nearly the exact same dinner every night.

  • Since 2004, Ron and Diane take advantage of the Roadhouse’s early bird special, which is available Sunday through Wednesday between 3 pm and 5 pm (they usually arrive at 3:15 pm).

Ron says that the Texas Roadhouse dinner is their only meal of the day and he has lost weight by dining there, but cutting out the rolls.


The Watson's took advantage of a holiday special that offered a free appetizer with purchase of $200 gift card. Pretty, pretty smart!

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