All Hail The Dark Lord!

I came across this video recently and I absolutely loved it because it's cute and creepy all at the same time. It almost feels like he's stealing your soul.

It's rare that you find an animal that possesses that quality. Meet....The Dark Lord, a hairless Sphynx cat who has become an internet sensation because, well... just watch.

Are you sufficiently creeped out, yet still think he's adorable?

His humans adopted him as a wee little kitten, then realized the creepy factor he possessed and played it up in such a fun, playful, yet dark, way.

They live locally in LA, but started a Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts for The Dark Lord, so they could share his photos and videos with their family, who live in NY.

Little did they know that The Dark Lord would captivate the internet!

Millions of views later, The Dark Lord is gaining servants day by day and even has had his wenches start an exclusive merchandise shop! Check it out HERE.

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