Judge Rejects ISIS Bride's Request for Expedited Case

A federal judge has shot down a request to expedite the case of a woman who wants to return to her home in the United States after joining ISIS.

Five years ago, Hoda Muthana surrendered her passport and left Alabama to move to Syria, where the now 24-year-old became involved with the terrorist group.

After a few marriages to ISIS fighters and becoming a mother, she eventually surrendered to US allies in January, saying she wanted to return to the US with her son.

But the government said she wasn't welcome back, prompting Muthana's father to file a lawsuit.

Unhappy with the amount of time it was taking for the legal process to play out, Muthana filed a motion to expedite her case -- which a judge on Monday rejected, saying there isn't enough proof "to show that she would be irreparably harmed" by waiting.

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