I'm Not Crying, You're Crying! Wait, We're ALL Crying!

Animals get me every single time.

I cry whenever I see those ASPCA commercials, but I also make my dogs pay attention to them to remind them that they have a nice life!

Even animated animals get me. This scene in Lilo & Stitch STILL GETS ME EVERY TIME.

I have only seen Disney's Bambi ONCE because I cried so uncontrollably when Bambi's mother dies, and Dumbo makes me so sad and anxious for most of the movie I can't watch that again either. And don't get me started about The Lion King...

So when I heard about Disney-Pixar's new animated short, Kitbull, I initially hesitated in watching it because I knew it would make me tear up.

But SO many people told me to watch it, so I did.

And it didn't just make me tear up, it made me cry, bawl...that really ugly cry....I'm sure you know what I mean. The kind of cry where your husband looks at you and says 'What the hell are you watching and why are you watching it if it makes you cry like that?'

So I made HIM watch it...and even he teared up too.

But in the end, it did make me smile and wipe away my tears and hug both my puppers close.

So, even though it'll make you cry, take 8 minutes and watch it. It's really worth it.

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