Victor Davis Hanson: "California's Rendezvous With Reality"

California has many titles and accomplishments to be proud of but they are all shadowed in comparison to the nightmare the state is turning out to be.

American Greatness writer Victor Davis Hanson, provides multiple valid points and forecasts what could be to come for California if things are not turned around immediately.

Hanson delves into the state's income tax laws, 2011-16 drought, and the infamous bullet train.

Getting even more into the nitty gritty, Hanson talks about the homeless crisis that is plaguing almost every major city in California.

"Its labyrinth of zoning and building regulations discourages low-cost housing. Its generous welfare benefits, non-enforcement of vagrancy and public health laws, and moderate climate draw in the homeless. Nearly one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients live in the state, and nearly one in five live below the poverty line," he writes.

Hanson even goes on about immigration and the problems thousands of illegal aliens have brought to the state.

"California’s progressive government seems clueless how to deal with these issues, given that solutions such as low-cost housing and strict enforcement of health codes are seen as either too expensive or politically incorrect," Hanson finished.

Read more about the truth here.

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