Canadian Reporter 'Humiliated' After Being Licked During Live TV Hit

CBC News' Chris Glover was at Toronto's Comedy Bar Tuesday night to speak to comedians about a merger between Sirius XM's Canada Laughs radio station and Montreal's Just For Laughs that has been causing controversy.

As soon as Glover started his report, actor Boyd Banks startled him form behind and started to lick his ear and kiss his neck.

"So much confusion and I just felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable in that moment." Glover told As It Happens guest host Susan Bonner after the incident. "It's tough for me to listen to. I've tried not to watch it or play it back too many times. I think you could hear it in my voice — just, I wanted out."

"I think in his mind, he was trying to be funny. That's the only thing that I can assume. But I felt humiliated. I felt embarrassed and I felt I just wanted it to stop," Glover continued.

Glover said he did report the incident to police

Banks reportedly called CBC to apologize to Glover saying, I am an idiot, and there's something wrong with me. I'm not making excuses. I want to apologize to the stand-up community in Canada and, of course, the reporter who was doing his job."

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