#TerrorInTheSkies: Underwear & Tantrums & Scorpions, Oh My!


Don't you like being comfortable while you're flying?

That's all this guy was trying to do. He had to be stuck on a plane from Paris to Los Angeles, so he was gonna make the best of it.

And you know what would make a long flight better?

Music, baby!

And a party wouldn't be a party without a couple drinks!

When did he disrobe?

Did he re-robe?

Was it just some sort of weird French cultural thing that we don't understand?

The music! Did they play the music???

And the only reason that this lady was a better passenger that No Pants Man was because she got removed from the flight and people didn't have to worry about her anymore.

Meet Valerie Gonzalez.

Valerie got a little tipsy before she hopped on her JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Las Vegas.

What happens when you put a drunk 32-year-old that's ready to get her party on next to a 3-year-old?

Nothing good, that's what.

At least Valerie knew it.

“I’m not sitting next to a f—— 3-year-old. I’ve been drinking all day."

And that was just the start of it. She kept on ranting and raving all the way to getting herself kicked off the plane.

“Make this viral! You wanna make this viral, make it viral. What the f— did I do? I called someone old ‘cause they were? I’ll get my bags. I’ll take my f—— s—.”

According to New York Post, she made matters much worse. She tried to get on the plane again, and when she was stopped, she hit the JetBlue employee in the head.

So, maybe you're patient enough to handle a couple crazy passengers?

No pants? Whatever. At least he still has underwear on.

Screaming and cussing? That's fine. She's gone now.

What about a FOOT-LONG SCORPION?!?!

No thank you!

According to New York Post, that's exactly what Lion Air passengers had to deal with in Indonesia.

Luckily, the animal was found at the end of the flight, so it's not like people were freaking out the whole flight.

“When the plane had landed, one passenger was taking their things out of the compartment, that’s when suddenly the scorpion appeared above our seat. I was in row 19 with two other passengers, an elderly married couple. When we saw the scorpion above our heads we rushed out as fast as we could," Karim Taslin said.

But, that does mean that the huge creepy crawly was on the loose for THE ENTIRE FLIGHT!

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