Sixteen People Trapped on SeaWorld Ride in Below 50 Degree Weather

A basic fear of mine whenever I visit a theme park is "OMG what if it breaks down mid-ride and I'm stuck here!?"

Thankfully, that has never happened to me...though I wish I could say the same for a group of people at SeaWorld!

Roughly six gondola's on San Diego SeaWorld's "Bayside Skyride" malfunctioned last night leaving 16 people stranded on the ride.

Fun fact: several of the gondolas are suspended over water.

Another not so fun fact: it was close to 50 degrees out when half of the riders were rescued at 10pm.

As authorities continued rescue efforts, the temperature in San Diego continued to drop under 50 degrees.

Thankfully about an hour later all 16 were safe and relatively unharmed.

As for the ride, SeaWorld says they will conduct a thorough investigation into what happened to cause the malfunction.

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