Private Jet Carrying Jennifer Aniston Forced To Make Emergency Landing

Well, that's definitely one way to start a surprise 50th birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Actress Jennifer Aniston ,Friends co-star Courtney Cox and a group of Aniston's friends were en route to Mexico on a private jet when they were forced to make an emergency landing because of a landing gear problem.

The twin-engine Gulfstream G4 touched down gingerly shortly after 2:00 PM at Ontario International Airport once the pilot became aware of the jet's issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said that the jet had lost a wheel while departing LAX and were forced to come back and circle Ontario before landing to burn off fuel.

Thankfully, after a few hours the actress and her friends were escorted to another private jet and were able to continue their trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Read more at CBS.

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