Georgia Comedian Creates Only Love Song That Matters...About Chick-Fil-A

Love songs are great and all, but they get kind of boring when they're all about people!

What about a different kind of love?

One for a delicious chicken sandwich restaurant?

Well one Georgia man put his love of Chick Fil A to music and it is AMAZING!

Contraband Slim is a comedian, musician and has been a massive Chick Fil A fan for over 30 years because of its excellent customer service and food.

He says he wrote the song in part to spread the love and help out his community:

"God led me there to use my talent for Chick Fil A. I'll pay for peoples orders. I'll talk to people, some dealing with depression, family issues, that sort of thing. My goal is to have an impact on others and do what I can to offer to the world."

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