Gavin Newsom Says California Will Sue Trump Over Emergency Declaration

President Trump announced Friday he is declaring a national emergency at the Mexico border to access billions of dollars to build a border wall that Congress refused to give him.

Just after Trump made his statement, Gov. Gavin Newsom said that California plans to sue the administration over the president's decision.

"President Trump is manufacturing a crisis and declaring a made-up 'national emergency' in order to seize power and subvert the constitution," Newsom said in a statement Friday. "Our message back to the White House is simpler and clear: California will see you in court."

Newsom said President Trump's plans are worrisome because they will divert money for anti-narcotics operations in California and disaster declaration money the state is using for disaster relief after the devastating fire season could also be diverted.

"I cannot impress upon the president more than at this moment not to play politics with any emergency declarations that would somehow impact the efforts here in the Ridge and throughout the state of California," Newsom said Thursday while meeting with victims of the Camp Fire. "This is an area where politics has no place."

Gov. Newsom held a press conference to describe the lawsuit.

Photo: Getty Images

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