#MugshotOfTheDay: An El Chapo Supporter Making His Mark In Florida

Photo: Orange County Jail

Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, has been found guilty on all ten counts he was charged for.

He's going to a super-max prison and will be spending the rest of his life there.

We all know that.

But, one of his supporters is having issues with accepting that.

Brandon Charles Deshon was just caught tagging a light pole with graffiti naming Orlando as Guzman's city.

I'm sorry bub, El Chapo's city is in a Colorado jail cell now.

When the police officer stopped and questioned Deshon about him spraying the numbers "239", he claimed he was just creating art.

According to Fox News, the spraying paint culprit also painted the words "ELS" and "city" onto the pole. He later explained the letters were meant to represent a nickname for the cartel leader.

Brandon thought that writing "ELS City" would formally declare Orlando as El Chapo's city. No questions asked.

The cops who caught him weren't pleased and arrested him on a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Once Deshon was arrested, he threatened to hire a "crackhead" to find the deputy and kill her and her family.

Because of his threat, his bail is now set at $1,500.

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