Woman Accused Of Burglary Shows No Remorse In Mugshot Photo

Photo: Spotswood Police Department

A woman was arrested in New Jersey earlier this month after she was suspected of breaking into cars and attempting burglaries. The Spotswood Police Department recently shared their mugshot photo of the suspect, Shana Hilsman, and her reaction to being arrested for the crime.

The Police Department shared that they found her guilty after seeing her on multiple security cameras, attempting to break into cars. When she was arrested, officers said she had a screwdriver, hammer, and flashlight in her possession.

The suspect is being charged with criminal trespassing, burglary, as well as charges for the possession of burglary tools. Unfortunately, there's no charge for a disrespectful mugshot photo.

She is being held in the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center until her court date is issued.

Read more on the New York Post.

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