#MugshotOfTheDay: Burritos Are For Eating, Not Battering

(Hey, Pete. I'm pretty sure they can see you...)

Meet Peter Elacqua.

Peter is from Florida.

This is not Peter's first time in cuffs.

And this is not the first time a man from Florida has been arrested for (you guessed it) battering a woman with a burrito.

(Why you'd waste a perfectly tasty burrito in a fit of rage, I have no idea...)

A couple weeks ago, a man threw a Taco Bell burrito at his wife.

This time, Elacqua shoved his girlfriend into a chair in their bedroom before throwing his burrito at her.

According to The Smoking Gun, police responded to the call and found the girlfriend with “the contents of the burrito dispersed across her face, neck, and left chest/shoulder area.”

Elacqua ran off before the police arrived, but they were able to catch up to him and arrest him for domestic battery.

Throw that onto his previous arrests for cocaine possession, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, methamphetamine possession, domestic battery, violating probation, and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Elacqua has built himself quite a resume.

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