Lottery Winner Wears "Scream" Mask to Hide His Identity

If you're ever one of the lucky souls to win the lottery, or have day dreamed enough to look up tips on what to do after you struck it big, one of the biggest bits of advice is if you can hide your identity...DO IT.


One of the hardest things about winning the lottery is fending off long lost friends and family members hitting you up for cash.

So if you're looking to collect, it's best to keep your identity secret if you can...unfortunately in the US it's law that most states name their winners.

But in Jamaica, it seems a scary good loophole was used.

Revealed only as A. Campbell, the winner picked up his almost $1.2 million prize wearing the iconic mask from the movie "Scream".

Campbell wasn't the only person to do this...

Back in June, another winner of the Jamaican Super Lotto showed up at the offices wearing a winking emoji face mask!

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