Is The LA Times Accurately Reporting On The Typhus Outbreak?

Is the Los Angeles Times accurately reporting on the typhus outbreak within the county and City Hall? According to Daniel Guss of CityWatchLA, "there are many ways that the Los Angeles Times misleads the public."

In his recent article, Guss argues that the paper has a set agenda to feature "non-stories while burying the most important ones of the day," especially when it comes to the typhus reports.

"In other words, it is a non-story given prime position on the LA Times’page. But it raises the question of why? Many say that it was done as a distraction from the real big story of a City Hall typhus, rat and flea infestation in City Hall and its surrounding homeless encampments," he writes.

The typhus outbreak may have started within the homeless community, but now it has clearly become a big fear of those working in and around City Hall. Just last week, we spoke to one deputy city attorney that became infected with typhus while working at City Hall last year.

"By falsely representing to the public the real story of the day, theTimes mirrored the excuses put forward by Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council president Herb Wesson, who both refuse to blame the outbreak and infestation on the urine, feces and food left around homeless encampments that surround the entirety of City Hall and the neighboring civic center complex," Guss writes.

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