Jury In El Chapo Trial To Resume Deliberations Tuesday Morning

Each day that the jury concludes their hearings with indecision, is another day closer to the unlikely chance that Mexican drug lord El Chapo will get off from his convictions.

The trial, being held in Brooklyn, has lasted months. The jury must find him guilty on drug-smuggling counts before they can move forward and convict him for any of his firearm or money laundering charges.

According to the New York Times, one juror said that the jury's debate "was exhausting".

"Have you ever tried to get three people to agree on anything? Try 12," the juror added.

In the chance that El Chapo is acquitted, he does not get to walk, according to the federal prosecutors in New York. The drug lord also has multiple charges he's facing in Illinois, California, Texas, and Florida.

But there are still a handful of "cooperating witnesses" available for testimony in New York, including a former police officer and politician previously accused of planning the attack on El Chapo's mother, and the kidnapping of his two sons.

When will the jury finally agree? No one knows.

Read more about the famous trial on The Guardian.

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