Border Patrol Chief Shows Part of San Diego Border Knocked Down

President Trump spoke about immigration and the border wall in his 82-minute State of the Union speech on Tuesday, touching on San Diego's illegal border crossings.

"San Diego used to have the most illegal border crossing in our country, in response, a strong security wall was put in place. This powerful barrier almost ended all illegal crossings," Trump said.

In response to that, Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott posted on his Instagram account, a section of the dilapidated wall that was knocked down.

In the photos posted Wednesday night, Scott explained it appears a suspected smuggling organization is responsible. He also mentioned tire tracks were found but no vehicle was discovered, adding that the pictures are 'proof that we need to update this aging infrastructure.'

San Diego Border Dreamers and other immigrant advocates held a news conference Wednesday night to refute the president's statements about what's happening at the border, ABC San Diego reported.

The group says Trump is using "fear to perpetuate a narrative at the border that feeds a need for the wall."

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