Eric Shanks of Fox Sports | CEOs You Should Know

Eric Shanks, the CEO and Executive Producer of Fox Sports sat down with KFI's Jane Wells to talk about what it's like to oversee all entities within Fox Sports.

"It's irreplaceable content," No matter how bad the AL Central in Major League Baseball does, they're not going to cancel it," Shanks says with a grin. "There were 166 canceled shows last year that were scripted or reality. But you know what? They're just going to make 435 new ones this year."

Shanks joined Fox Sports in 1994 as a broadcast associate during the network's inaugural season and working for years in various positions in media until being appointed CEO last year. The busy CEO also served as executive vice president for entertainment for DIRECTTV between 2004 and 2010 overseeing the development of many original entertainment products.

"I've had the philosophy of just "Never say no" to a new opportunity," Shanks says. "Whether you think it's sideways - I think people get too trapped in their mind of thinking, 'Is this a lateral move? What's the next step after this?' I've just always said yes to the next thing."

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