Need a Valentine's Gift? Rare Heart-Shaped Meteorite Soon Up For Auction!

Still looking for a Valentine's Day present for your loved one or significant other? Well then look no further! A very rare heart-shaped meteorite will soon be up for auction!

The meteorite , which was found in Siberia, weighs just over 22 pounds and measures nine inches along it's longest side. It's thought to be part of a meteor that arrived on earth in February 1947. The heart shape formed after the rock slammed into the atmosphere and broke apart, giving it the name "The Heart Of Space."

This unique, beautiful piece of history and science is highly sought after so the expected price sale of $300,000 - $500,000 is no surprise.

No other way to prove your love then to gift a half a million dollar rock am I right?

The online auction, which is being held by Christie's , is scheduled to go live on the morning of February 6th, and ends on the big loooove day.

Get ready to start your bidding!

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